Car Care Silverwater provides 5 stars car care service as below:

1: Car Details


Car care Silverwater provides car details. It includes internal and external clearing. The engine bay and wheels have been also including as well.

Car care Silverwater car details interior clearing provides very details includes:
interior vacuumed;
seats, carpets & mats shampooed:
Interior trim, console & dash detailed;
Roof lining & ash trays cleaned;
Leather cleaned and &conditioned;
door rubbers treated
door panels cleaned;

Car care Silverwater car details exterior clearing provides very details includes:
high pressure foam wash;
wheels and arches high pressure cleaned
engine bay cleaned;
door jambs cleaned
chamois dry;
Exterior trims glossed
tyres & mudguard glossed;
windows cleaned.


2: Paint Protection


2.1  RestorFX treatment

The RestorFX System is proud innovated by Car Care Group. It is the permanent remove car scratches, swirls, oxidation and blemishes. Car Care RestorFX System can prevent car’s paint further damage and it cannot be washed off.

RestoreFX System is a efficient way to protect paint within several hours, usually it ready to be picking up the next working day. It is the reliable way to repair deep scratches within little to no risk of bur-through.

RestoreFX System restore vehicle maintains its original integrity through the process of treating and repairing an existing clear coat.

2.2 Ceramic coating

KEYNEW have developed an innovative SC1 Ceramic Coating products, which sets a new standards in coating industry. SC1 Ceramic coating is highly transparent liquid, similar to bulletproof glass-like micro coating. This coating can be applied to almost any surface. Once it is applied, it will rebuild its molecular chain structure and compound with material surface, form a solid two dimensional and three dimensional web structure with very strong adherence, which will provide long lasting surface protection and retain its original status for many years. The ceramic coating becomes touch dry after a few hours and fully cured after approximately 24-48 hours.

This product has proven to give lasting long term protection for more than 10 years in Germany and carries a minimum 5 years guarantee of customer satisfaction.

Extremely hard surface and scratch resistant The extremely hard surface of the ceramic coating corresponds to a pencil hardness of 8-9. The scratch protection is enhanced with our ceramic coating up to 200 %.

Long-term protection Our exclusive long-term coating protects and preserves the original condition of your vehicle over many years. No need for waxing and polishing any more!

Resistant to salt and UV The long-term coating based on ceramics protects the vehicle from dirt and bad weather influence of any kind and is resistant to salt and UV.

Heat resistant up to + 650 °C The ceramic coating is permanently temperature resistant from -50 °C to + 650 °C. Particularly relevant according to hot brake dust (400-450 °C) in combination with high quality polished or chromed rims.

Highly resistant finishing Resistant to acids, bases, alcohol, ketone-based and other organic solvents (eg, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.).

Minimal cleaning required After finishing the ceramic surface, coating cleaning time and water consumption is reduced to a minimum. With water contact angle >105 degree, the coated surface is hydrophobic and has self cleaning capability. Rain drops may wash off much of contaminants from car surface and make cleaning jobs much easier than before.

Protects human health and environment The long-term coating based on ceramics causes no allergic reactions and protects the environment.

2.3 Tonghseal

Tonghseal is another treatment to protect your paint. Car Care Silverwater  is a accredited to do Tonghseal as well. Toughseal Car Paint Protection Provides up to 10 YEARS of Protection. You never wax again.

Toughseal Car Paint Protection sealants are a unique NanoTech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation using durable PTFE suspended in the formula. Our Paint Protection chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elastisity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including Ultra Violet fading, Acid Rain Etching, Bird Lime, Road Salts, wash chemicals and many more, unlike car wax Toughseal will not melt away.

Toughseal provides only the very best in protection for your vehicle. The Toughseal range of auto care chemicals have been protecting vehicles for over 15 years. All of our protective products are backed by a 5 and 10 year warranty policy, underwritten by our partner company Splashgroup UK. Toughseal Paint Protection systems are truly the best protection for your vehicle that money can buy.

3: Buff & Polish services


Each polishing stage means that a different level of cutting compound is being used. A heavy cutting compound will remove deeper marks from the paintwork, however it will leave marring marks that will need to be removed by adding another stage with a lighter cutting compound.

Services listed under this section DO NOT include interior cleaning.

Car Care Silverwater provides two cut & polish services it depends what your car paintwork damaged is. For most light paintwork damaged car, we suggest you do One Stage cut & polish. You can choose two stages cut & polish service if your can paintwork has been mildly damaged.

One stage cut & polishing

One stage machine polish is used with cutting compound by machine polish followed by the application of wax/sealant.

This service is recommended to bring back the shine and remove minor swirls and scratches of well maintained paintworks, leaving a long lasting, smooth and light reflective finish.

Although it will typically remove light marks such as rubbing marks, minor surface scratches, marks left by tree sap and light swirl marks, this service does not involve heavy compounding and therefore there is no guarantee that all marks will be removed.

Two stages cut & polishing

Two stages machine polishing is followed by the application of a wax/sealant. On this service, two different levels of cutting compounds are used:  a heavier compound to remove marks and a light compound to achieve a perfect finish.

Recommended for cars with mildly damaged paintwork, including swirls, water spots, rubbing marks, light scratches, or faded/dull paint caused by sun exposure and oxidation. This service includes an exterior wash followed by a paint decontamination process to remove dirt and pollutants particles that get stuck to the vehicle’s paint over time.

List above services all exclude of internal clearing.



Headlight Restoration

Oxidised headlights which can make the glass look frosted and blurred, it can be treated within minutes.

After many years of driving your car headlights probably don’t look clear anymore, we call it faded headlight.  It can be caused by oxidisation of the surface of the cover, or serious degradation in the effectiveness of the light itself.

Oxidised car headlights can reduce night vision which leads accident. Dull headlight will decrease your car sale value when you want to sale.

Car care Silverwater car headlights restoration has your headlights refinished to look brand new. It is common considered the way to improve your car’s value and increase night lights visibility.

As the mobile car headlights restoration service, Car Care Silverwater is able to come to you with quick response service. Give car care Silverwater a call to arrange an inspection at your own place, we come to you!

5: Window Tinting


Car tint is the way to keep privacy and reduce infrared heat &UV to protect your internal furniture especially leather seats and dashboard. Car tint can be reduce your consumption and increase your car performance as well. Car Care Silverwater provides Mobile car tint all Sydney Area. Car Care Silverwater tint service gives you the great advantage of having your car tinted at your workplace or in your home. With more then 10 years car tint experience, we do understand customers wants. Give us call we will give you best car tint solution for you.
Car Care Silverwater professional window tinting installation coverage of following area:
We do residential and Commercial as well.