Car Care Silverwater provides two cut & polish services it depends what your car paintwork damaged is. For most light paintwork damaged car, we suggest you do One Stage cut & polish. You can choose two stages cut & polish service if your can paintwork has been mildly damaged.
One stage cut & polishing
One stage machine polish is used with cutting compound by machine polish followed by the application of wax/sealant.
This service is recommended to bring back the shine and remove minor swirls and scratches of well maintained paintworks, leaving a long lasting, smooth and light reflective finish.
Although it will typically remove light marks such as rubbing marks, minor surface scratches, marks left by tree sap and light swirl marks, this service does not involve heavy compounding and therefore there is no guarantee that all marks will be removed.
Two stages cut & polishing
Two stages machine polishing is followed by the application of a wax/sealant. On this service, two different levels of cutting compounds are used: a heavier compound to remove marks and a light compound to achieve a perfect finish.
Recommended for cars with mildly damaged paintwork, including swirls, water spots, rubbing marks, light scratches, or faded/dull paint caused by sun exposure and oxidation. This service includes an exterior wash followed by a paint decontamination process to remove dirt and pollutants particles that get stuck to the vehicle’s paint over time.
List above services all exclude of internal clearing.