Ceramic coating
KEYNEW have developed an innovative SC1 Ceramic Coating products, which sets a new standards in coating industry. SC1 Ceramic coating is highly transparent liquid, similar to bulletproof glass-like micro coating. This coating can be applied to almost any surface. Once it is applied, it will rebuild its molecular chain structure and compound with material surface, form a solid two dimensional and three dimensional web structure with very strong adherence, which will provide long lasting surface protection and retain its original status for many years. The ceramic coating becomes touch dry after a few hours and fully cured after approximately 24-48 hours.
This product has proven to give lasting long term protection for more than 10 years in Germany and carries a minimum 5 years guarantee of customer satisfaction.
Extremely hard surface and scratch resistant The extremely hard surface of the ceramic coating corresponds to a pencil hardness of 8-9. The scratch protection is enhanced with our ceramic coating up to 200 %.
Long-term protection Our exclusive long-term coating protects and preserves the original condition of your vehicle over many years. No need for waxing and polishing any more!
Resistant to salt and UV The long-term coating based on ceramics protects the vehicle from dirt and bad weather influence of any kind and is resistant to salt and UV.
Heat resistant up to + 650 °C The ceramic coating is permanently temperature resistant from -50 °C to + 650 °C. Particularly relevant according to hot brake dust (400-450 °C) in combination with high quality polished or chromed rims.
Highly resistant finishing Resistant to acids, bases, alcohol, ketone-based and other organic solvents (eg, acid rain, bird droppings, etc.).
Minimal cleaning required After finishing the ceramic surface, coating cleaning time and water consumption is reduced to a minimum. With water contact angle >105 degree, the coated surface is hydrophobic and has self cleaning capability. Rain drops may wash off much of contaminants from car surface and make cleaning jobs much easier than before.
Protects human health and environment The long-term coating based on ceramics causes no allergic reactions and protects the environment.